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Protect SNAP

Fight Hunger – Protect SNAP!

The Farm Bill passed in Dec. 2018 and you helped us protect the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Sadly, the threats aren’t over. The USDA has proposed a SNAP rule that would take SNAP away from over 3 million Americans, including over 200,000 Pennsylvanians. (To see how many vulnerable people in your community would be impacted, click here.)



In late July the USDA proposed change to the rules for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps). The proposal would drastically limit the use of “Broad Based Categorical Eligibility” (BBCE), a longstanding federal SNAP option that allows states to:

  • Use a gross income test above federal SNAP standard of 130% FPL (PA current gross income limit is 160% poverty)
  • Waive the SNAP asset test

You can find fact sheets about the impact in PA, additional data, and resources at:


If the proposed rule is adopted, it will:

  • Deny SNAP to any low-wage working individuals or families with gross income above 130% poverty level – before any shelter or child care deductions (Note: this gross income limit will not affect households with elder or disabled individuals.)
  • Impose low asset tests for all households
  • Have implications for other programs, such as school meals
How you can help: 

Submit comments to the proposed rule.

We need your help to push back on the proposed changes! You know your community and the impact hunger has. Comments are an effective tool to have your voice is heard in any government rule change.


Do what you can:

All comments help. If you submit relatively simple, short comments they contribute to a high quantity. If you submit high quality, detailed comments with a lot of evidence, they build a case, as well as take longer for USDA to review. (Note: comments should be at least 30% unique to be counted as a separate comment.)

  • Tell USDA what you/your organization does and who you serve. 
  • Share stories/struggles of those who need help from SNAP to make ends meet.
  • Highlight the impacts the rule will have.
How to submit comments: 

There are several platforms. Two we suggest:


We need to generate lots of comments making clear that these cuts would harm struggling people. To learn more:
  • Please join us, and our partners Community Legal Services, for a webinar on how you can submit a comment opposing the proposed rule today, September 5th at 11 am. Register HERE.
  • Look for additional resources, as well as materials from the webinar on this web-page.
  • Submit comments and refer to additional information on the comment page of our national anti-hunger partner, FRAC

Don’t let this administration increase hunger and food insecurity by taking food off the tables of working families with children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Get your comments in by the deadline - September 23 – and feel free to reach out to us at

SNAP Rule impact by county

The Trump Administration's proposed SNAP rule change will negatively effect over 200,000 individuals in PA. Use this chart to see the impact in your county.


Asset Test

The Trump Administration's proposed SNAP rule would force families and seniors to pass an "asset test" proving their net assets don't exceed a certain amount. 


The Cliff effect

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effectiveness of SNAP


4 out of 5 SNAP recipients are children, elderly, disabled, or employed. 






Disabled Pennsylvanians often count on SNAP to help make ends meet. Learn how important SNAP is to thousands of disabled individuals in our state. 




Seniors in Pennsylvania rely on SNAP. Learn more about how cuts to the program would impact the senior population in our state. 



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View SNAP use and statistics for each of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania.