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Not Good Food for Some? No, Good Food For All!

Do you feel that?

That slight pull coming from your stomach, telling you it’s been exactly 4 hours since you’ve last eaten?

“Let’s go get lunch,” you say to your coworker, “I’m hungry.”

You leave the office, eat your lunch, finish your work day, head home, and there it is again – not a slight pull this time, but a grumble. You think to yourself, “Man, I’m starving.”

A Pre-Election Day Policy Update

Tomorrow is Election Day. We know the journey has been loud and long and exhausting, but we’ve almost reached the finish line—whatever that may look like. Don’t lose momentum now. Make sure you go vote. Don’t stay home because you’re tired, because you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, or for any other reason. No matter what, it’s times like these—when we have the opportunity to make our voices heard—that we need to take our tired feet to the polls. Our democracy only works when every single one of us get involved.


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