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Expanding Breakfast

Schools that make breakfast a part of the school day dramatically increase participation by making it convenient and accessible to all children. 

There are several alternative service models that have been proven to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program. Each can be adapted to fit the unique needs of a school.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Offering breakfast in the classroom, where students eat breakfast in the first 10-15 minutes of the school day, dramatically increases participation in the program. Breakfast meals can be delivered to each classroom or picked up on the way to class. Students eat breakfast at their desks, and many schools incorporate breakfast into instructional time by serving breakfast during morning announcements, reading time or nutrition lessons.

Fact Sheet: Breakfast in the Classroom [pdf]
Video: Breakfast in the Classroom (San Diego Unified School District)


Grab and Go Breakfast

Serving pre-packaged breakfast from mobile carts in the hallway, the cafeteria, or other high-traffic locations throughout the school provides flexibility for schools while increasing participation among students.  This convenient service method is popular with middle and high school students who find that they can consume breakfast while continuing to socialize with their peers.

Fact Sheet: Grab and Go [pdf]
Video: Grab and Go Breakfast (Omaha Public Schools)


Second Chance Breakfast

Often students are in a rush to get to class in the morning or simply aren't hungry before school starts.  At schools that offer breakfast after the bell, or a "second chance" breakfast, students can pick up a pre-packaged breakfast from the cafeteria or a mobile cart after first period. This method allows schools to reach as many hungry students as possible.

Fact Sheet: Second Chance Breakfast [pdf]
Video: Second Chance Breakfast (see video at 6:20)

FRAC recorded a "How to" Webinar that can be watched on their website. It covers piloting and expanding the three breakfast models discussed above.

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