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Hear from Participating Schools

See how principals, food service directors, and others have taken on the Challenge!

"We have started grab-and-go breakfast in the high school. The high school did not have a breakfast program, and we saw a need to start a program that students would most likely participate in." --Kim Hunter, Food Service Director, Williamsburg Community School District (Blair County)   

"Breakfast is the key to a successful start of the school day! Attendance, performance, behavior and academics all work with a healthy breakfast. I am taking a proactive approach to ensure my students understand what good nutrition is and how it impacts their learning. Daily announcements start our day off talking about eating healthy. As the principal, I personally invite students to join me for breakfast. Our daily average last year was about 75 students out of 980.  Today we had 414 students join me for breakfast!" --Mary Garrett-Giovino, Principal, Lebanon Middle School (Lebanon County)    

"I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I want every student in our school district to have the chance to eat breakfast. Our schools plan to increase participation by doing promotion events, such as having a breakfast club or a themed event like 'Blast Off with Breakfast' space theme." --Brenna Francis, Food Service Director, Southern Tioga School District         

We want "to improve child nutrition patterns in our district" and "increase participation in breakfast program." The district plans "to get creative with ideas from the students and add small give always for participating in breakfast program, such as tickets for raffle or small prize for every meal purchased." --Tara Phillips, RD, Assistant Food Service Coordinator, Great Valley School District (Chester County)                

To increase participation, the district's plans include "Lucky Tray Day," a grab-and-go cart and putting menus online. --Ed Pawlikowski, Food Service Director, Charleroi School District (Washington County) 
"We have low breakfast numbers and this will give us the initiative to try new things while having fun in a little competition." The district will be running breakfast specials and offering giveaways. --Anthony Brochu, Director of Food & Nutrition, Eastern Lebanon County School District          

"To increase breakfast participation in schools with low participation, we plan to implement Grab 'N Go Breakfast programs." --Curtistine Walker, Food Service Director, Pittsburgh School District (Allegheny County)    

The district is participating in the Challenge "increase awareness of how important it is to start your day with a full breakfast. The Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association has given us 'to-go' zip-lock bags to pack a whole breakfast. Students will only need to pick up a bag and go back to homeroom. It will make the breakfast lines smoother and faster, which will increase our breakfast participation." --Tamara Lindley, Food Service Director, McGuffey School District (Washington County)      

"We have a big in-classroom breakfast program. We serve over 900 students, between our main building and our LSH. We also post healthy breakfast awareness posters about the school." --Lori Behr, Lead Food Service Manager, Laura H. Carnell School (Philadelphia County)