Community Nutrition

Through community education, the Coalition works to ensure all people have the resources they need to lead healthy lives.


For many people struggling to feed their families, nutrition comes second to simply putting food on their tables. People often stretch their budgets by buying cheaper, processed foods that are high in calories but low in nutritional content. Many low-income neighborhoods don't have supermarkets, making it harder for families to find fresh, healthy food.

Not surprisingly, people at risk for hunger are also much more likely to suffer from health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, even obesity. And that has long-term consequences, jeopardizing a person's ability to perform in school or at work and reducing their overall quality of life. 

The Community Nutrition program works to address these issues through: 

  • Free nutrition workshops: Families are welcome to attend these community workshops, featuring tips for eating healthy on a budget, reading food labels and other nutrition information. Plus, free food tastings and chef demos.
  • Educational newsletters: SNAP (Food Stamp) Hotline clients receive a quarterly newsletter filled with health tips and budget-friendly recipes.
  • Assisting Philadelphia feeding programs: The Coalition works with local food pantries and soup kitchens to improve the nutritional quality of the food distributed to clients, many of whom face serious health issues.

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