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Eat Healthy, Give Healthy

The Coalition Against Hunger partners with The Food Trust to hold Eat Healthy, Give Healthy food drives at farmers market's throughout the year to increase accessibility to fresh produce at local food pantries.

It began as an idea by two AmeriCorps VISTA's, Jessica Humphries and Kalie Wertz, and the immediate success let us know that people in Philadelphia care about fresh food access for all! 

The goal of the first drives, held at Headhouse Square and Fitler Square Farmers' Markets in November 2014, was to give shoppers at the market an opportunity to donate fresh produce that would benefit the Coalition's Green Light Pantries.

The drives, held the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving, collected 455 pounds of produce. Thrilled with the success, Jess and Kalie planned a second drive ahead of the Christmas holiday and collected an additional 270 pounds of produce to benefit food pantries in West Philadelphia.

It was clear that Eat Healthy, Give Healthy could serve as a way to get significant amounts of fresh produce into the hands of people at food pantries. Committed to connecting food pantries to fresh produce, The Coalition Against Hunger and The Food Trust will hold Eat Healthy, Give Healthy drives throughout the year. Check back here for upcoming drives where you can donate!

Past Eat Healthy, Give Healthy Results

11/22/14-11/23/14: Fitler Square and Headhouse Sqaure Farmers' Markets: 455 pounds
12/20/14: Clark Park Farmers' Market: 270 pounds
6/4/15: Fairmount Farmers' Market: 145 pounds
6/25/15: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 92 pounds
7/16/15: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 119 pounds
7/25/15: Fitler Square Farmers Market: 350 pounds
7/26/15: Headhouse Square Farmers' Markets: 200 pounds
8/27/15: Jefferson Farmers Market: 117 pounds
9/17/2015: Jefferson Farmers Market: 137 pounds
10/2015: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 115 pounds
11/21/2015: Clark Park Farmers' Market: 300 pounds
7/9/2016: Clark Park Farmers' Market: 300 pounds
7/10/2016: Headhouse Square Farmers Market: 250 pounds 
7/21/2016: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 168 pounds
8/13/2016: Rittenhouse Market: 100 pounds
8/18/2016: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 242 pounds
9/15/2016: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 292 pounds 
10/20/2016: Jefferson Farmers' Market: 152 pounds

Total: 3,804 pounds

Upcoming Drives

Want to hold your own Healthy Food Drive? Download a guide for healthy foods to collect!