SNAP (Food Stamp) Income Guidelines

Does Your Monthly Income (Before Taxes) Fall Below these Limits?

If so, you may qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly food stamps.

Find your household size. If your monthly income is less than the amount listed, you might be able to get SNAP.

Household Size

Monthly Income (Before Taxes)

1 person $1,570
2 $2,125
3 $2,680
4 $3,234
5 $3,789
6 $4,344
7 $4,898
8 $5,453
9 $6,008
10 $6,563
Each additional person +$572

NOTE: If someone in your household is 60+ years old or disabled, higher income limits apply.

To find out if you qualify, call our Food Stamp Hotline: 215-430-0556. We can help you apply by phone.