Holiday Volunteers

Looking to volunteer this holiday season?

Holy Spirit United Methodist Church (1441 E Hunting Park Ave): Volunteers are welcome on Dec. 24 from 12 to 5 p.m. to help prepare for Christmas. Call Richard DeJesus at 267-505-4451 for more information.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly (642 N. Broad St., 215-765-8118):  Little Brothers needs volunteers to deliver meal and gifts to seniors on Christmas day. If you are interested in helping on Christmas, the deadline is December 18.  Reference required.

SHARE Food Program (215-223-2220): Help pack holiday meal boxes for families in need this holiday. Groups are welcome.

Remember, your help is needed year-round:

Food pantries and soup kitchens receive numerous inquiries from volunteers in November and December, but they could use more help the rest of the year. 

If you're interested in volunteering at one of these programs beyond the holidays, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.