Walk Stars: Chimere Holmes

 Name: Chimere Holmes, 28
 Hometown: West Chester, PA
 Occupation: Graduate student
 Years in the Walk: 2
 Fundraising Goal: $1,000

Why do you Walk?
I heard about it on Facebook last year, and I thought it was the perfect challenge. I firmly believe in attacking hunger in our own backyard, and it was something I could do to give back. Last year, I left my corporate job and put myself in graduate school to study theology in ministry. I wanted to pursue a fulfilling vocation that I would tailor to fit the needs of people who are less fortunate. For me, the Walk/Run is parallel to what I’m trying to preach for others.

Any fundraising tips for first-timers to the Walk? 
I attribute a lot of my success to approaching fundraising with a sincere heart. Start spreading the word. I'll send out an email to people I know, then go on Facebook and Twitter. Start with your family and close friends, then expand your networks. Use your Rolodex. Last year, I set my fundraising goal to $500, and I thought maybe I’d get $300. But I surpassed that, so this year, I’m shooting for the stars and going for $1,000!

What's your favorite part about the Walk?
My favorite was definitely the fundraising momentum in the two to three months before the Walk. I get an adrenaline rush to see how many people I can convince to rally around the Walk. Last year, I did the 5k walk in a little over an hour. It was nice to see the Philly community united for such a great cause. It’s wonderful to see a plethora of different people—ages, sizes, backgrounds—all walking and running to counteract this terrible epidemic.

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