Walk Stars: Harriet Sanders, Resurrection Baptist

 Name: Harriet Sanders, Resurrection Baptist Church Soup Kitchen 
 Occupation: Volunteer Soup Kitchen Coordinator
 Hometown: Carroll Park, West Philadelphia, PA
 Years in the Walk: 16

Tell us about your soup kitchen and food pantry at Resurrection Baptist Church.
My mother started the feeding program in 1978. We provide emergency food for up to 400 people a month, and we serve weekly hot meals to about 500 people. We also give them a place to pick up information on the food stamp program (SNAP) and other resources.

How does the Walk benefit your program?
The Walk money has provided us with shelving and storage space and paper products that we need. It helps pay for gas for our van to pick up food, and it allows us to buy other foods for packages when we run out or for extra things, like bread and butter, to make the meal more special.

You've been running the soup kitchen for over a decade, taking over after your mother. Do you have any favorite memories in your time there?  
Recently, I was volunteering at a college fair, and a young man came up to me. I didn't recognize him, but he said he knew me because his mother would have him help carry food home from our food pantry, and he remembered coming to our Thanksgiving meal. He said that I always made the kids feel welcome, not that they just had to come there because they didn't have anything to eat. I didn't remember him, but he remembered, and he was all grown up looking at colleges. Whenever I get tired and think I might have to give this up, I think of times like that.

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