Press Room

(July 18, 2015)
Rep. Fitzpatrick visits Creekside Summer Camp, supports summer meals legislation
(July 18, 2015)
In Philadelphia, 22 percent of children are food-insecure. The city is hoping more families take advantage of free summer meals.
(June 24, 2015)
Find the nearest summer meals site by calling 1-855-252-MEAL
(June 5, 2015)
New report shows Pennsylvania still has room to grow in summer meals participation
(June 2, 2015)
Philadelphia powered the state's improvement
(May 21, 2015)
A look into SNAP use in the Philadelphia Latino community
(May 12, 2015)
Pennsylvania became 36th state to do away with asset test
(May 4, 2015)
The Coalition will receive 25% of all food sales from Tuesday's in May.
(April 22, 2015)
The asset test, long a barrier to those in need, to be removed
(April 11, 2015)
Nearly 4,000 people came out for the 19th Annual Walk and Run Against Hunger in Center City.
(April 9, 2015)
Executive Director Laura Wall joined NBC 10's  Vai Sikahema to discuss the Stroehmann Walk + Run Against Hunger
(April 7, 2015)
"How Hungry is America?" shows economic improvements fail to reach millions
(March 18, 2015)
Jennifer Saigal of the Coalition presented information on SNAP
(March 11, 2015)
Northeast High School launches student run Wellness Corner
(February 27, 2015)
Stroehmann Run Walk + Run Against Hunger