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(November 12, 2013)
The link between poverty and poor food choices has been well established. The Coalition Against Hunger reports 70 percent of households that use food pantries struggle with hypertension, diabetes or heart disease.
(November 11, 2013)
The expansion in food-stamp rolls occurs as benefits were reduced this month after targeted federal economic stimulus funding expired and Congress appears prepared to cut SNAP funding.
(November 11, 2013)
"The state should be trying to improve access to SNAP rather than make it harder for people to enroll by adding unnecessary red tape," said Ronna Bolante, a spokeswoman for the Coalition.
(October 30, 2013)
On Nov. 1, food stamps will be cut for 47 million Americans, including 1.8 million residents in Pennsylvania. Here's what you need to know.
(October 29, 2013)
Recipients of the SNAP will see their benefits reduced, starting Friday, because stimulus funding that bolstered monthly payments is ending.