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(October 1, 2013)
The number of Americans receiving food stamps has increased dramatically in the wake of the recession and the federal stimulus act, but researchers have found that the added costs are in keeping with the expected effects of joblessness.
(September 27, 2013)
The expiration of a stimulus boost to SNAP benefits will mean that a family of three will have $29 a month less to spend on food. If that seems minor to you, you clearly aren't suffering.
(September 26, 2013)
For the fourth consecutive year, Stroehmann Bakeries, Acme and Giant have pledge a portion of Stroehmann bread sales this fall to help families put food on the table.
(September 22, 2013)
The vote by the House of Representatives on Thursday to slash billions from food stamps has rocked local advocates for the poor, who see the move as a potential blow to people already struggling to survive.
(September 21, 2013)
One of the three Republican congressmen who represent residents in Chester County voted against a measure to slash $40 billion from the national food stamp program over the next decade.