Press Room

(June 20, 2013)
A new kind of food pantry for the poor (featuring exclusively healthful foods) debuted in Philadelphia.
(June 18, 2013)
To fight hunger and promote healthy eating, the Coalition and Drueding Center open a new kind of food pantry that provides only nutritious food to families in need. 
(May 29, 2013)
"We estimate tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians will be negatively affected if Heat and Eat goes away,” said Coalition Interim Director Julie Zaebst.
(May 17, 2013)
In the Farm Bill, "we're paying billions to make sure that food is produced and big agriculture stays profitable, while cutting billions from programs that assure that poor and hungry citizens get food to their own tables."
(May 7, 2013)
Instead of helping people who have fallen on hard times, Pennsylvania made it harder for them to get food stamps, and hundreds of families may be going hungry at times as a result.