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(January 22, 2014)
Food banks across the country are making similar preparations, increasing efforts to prepare for the increased demand even as donations decline. Moreover, they say, they do not have enough staff to meet all the requests.
(January 1, 2014)
Low-income people living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and 13 other states - many of them seniors and the disabled - may lose billions of dollars in food-stamp benefits while the rest of the country is spared.
(December 2, 2013)
“As parents lost their jobs or had their hours reduced, SNAP was there to make sure their children didn’t go hungry,” said Julie Zaebst of the Coalition Against Hunger.
(November 26, 2013)
More than 21,000 children are living in poverty, a total that equates to 16.7 percent of all Delaware County children. Nearly half of them are living in deep poverty — $11,755 annually for a family of four.
(November 20, 2013)
Farm bill talks intensified Wednesday night even as a new report showed that food stamp expenditures are already beginning to fall as a share of the economy — a downward decline that’s expected to accelerate over the next five years.