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Advocacy Alert

The Pennsylvania Senate has already passed Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), a cruel, administratively costly, and counterproductive attack on low-income Pennsylvanians. The bill is on the PA House of Representatives calendar for TODAY (Oct. 9), and we need your help to prevent its passage!

Take Action!

Find you Representative in the PA State House, Call them, and tell them to vote NO on SB6

Protect SNAP

President Trump's proposed budget calls for massive cuts to "entitlement programs" including SNAP (formerly food stamps). Simply put, SNAP is our nation's strongest defense against hunger, and even at current funding levels, it falls short of the need. Take some time to learn about the effectiveness of SNAP, the program's impact on each county and congressional district in Pennsylvania, and why "block grants" actually mean cuts to the program. 

Block Grants

The most common reform suggested for SNAP involves the use of block grants. Learn what block grants would mean for the program.


for seniors

Seniors in Pennsylvania rely on SNAP. Learn more about how cuts to the program would impact the senior population in our state. 


for Disabled Residents

Disabled Pennsylvanians often count on SNAP to help make ends meet. Learn how important SNAP is to thousands of disabled individuals in our state. 


effectiveness of SNAP

4 out of 5 SNAP recipients are children, elderly, disabled, or employed. 



by congressional district

View SNAP use and statistics by Pennsylvania Congressional District. 


by county

View SNAP use and statistics for each of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania.