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We fight for long-term hunger relief through our advocacy efforts! The Coalition advocates for responsible, progressive policy that addresses the real need in our community

Our work on the front lines — building the capacity of food pantries in our region and helping area residents apply for and maintain SNAP benefits (food stamps) — is the basis of our advocacy. We listen to feedback from our clients, partner agencies, and the community, analyze data, and examine best practices to make policy recommendations to improve nutrition and food programs to better serve them.

In the Philadelphia region, hundreds of thousands of individuals suffer from food insecurity. While the economy has improved, rates of food insecurity remain well above pre-recession levels. As a result, we need to not only adequately support current nutrition programs, but progressive policies that combat hunger. Lawmakers and administrative officials at all levels of government continually make decisions that will affect us all. We perform:

  • Legislative Advocacy: To influence legislation regulations, and program policies by talking with agency officials, their staff, and the public.
  • Administrative Advocacy: To influence rules, regulations, and program policies by talking with agency officials, their staff, and the public.
  • Program Advocacy: To influence how nutrition program policies are implemented on the ground, because we know good policy on paper is not always carried out in practice or used to its fullest.

To keep informed of policy decisions that impact those who struggle with food insecurity in our region, please sign up to receive our Advocacy Alerts. We will let you know what you can do to help by sending targeted emails that provide all the information you eed to take action (such as by placing calls to legislators, signing letters, etc.)

Child Nutrition

We strive to ensure all children have access to healthy school breakfast and summer meals.

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